Takatsuki Shiori
Grade: 10
Date of Birth: 2/2
Blood Type: B

"I've hated Juri-san ever since childhood. She's talented, beautiful, and loved by everyone. I was jealous of her because of that. That's it. I loved him because I wanted to steal something dear to her. That was all. So...so..."
"Deeper...go deeper."
"That's not it. Juri-san was so kind to me. But I thought she was kind to me because she looked down on me, and had pity on me for being plain and useless. That's pathetic! So I wanted to change my relationship with Juri-san. But what I did with him made me more miserable than before. I should have wanted it for myself! But now...Now I'm on equal terms with her. No, I've won! I always had a place in Juri-san's heart. I'm the winner! What shall I do? I'm so delighted to know my friend's secret that I almost can't bear it! She suffered alone, looking at my picture in secret. That was Juri-san? Poor thing!...No good! It's still no good! How could you look at me like that?! Why did it all turn out this way?!"

Shiori is in the tenth grade and is Juri's childhood friend. As you already know from earlier in the series, we know that Shiori and Juri had a "falling out". Shiori thought that Juri was in love with a boy they both knew, so she stole him away from her, and they haven't spoken since. There's just one problem. Juri wasn't in love with the boy, she loves Shiori (as hinted at the end of episode seven, when Juri opens her locket for the first time, to reveal Shiori's picture). Which brings us to the black rose saga. Shiori returns to the academy after an absence for an unspecified time. She seems to want to patch things up with Juri. She tries talking to Juri, saying that she and the boy eventually broke up. Juri, however, is not willing to forgive Shiori so easily. She tells Shiori that she was never in love with the boy and not to worry. Shiori is extremely confused. If she didn't love him, then whose picture is in Juri's locket? Juri leaves without another word. Later, Juri sits by a pond and in a sudden fit of rage, throws her locket into the water. Shiori meanwhile returns to her dorm to find the door and window open. The vase of roses near the window suddenly falls over, and as she reaches to fix it, she finds Juri's locket underneath the overturned vase. She looks inside, and can you guess what happens next? Yes, she goes to Nemuro Hall and is given a black rose signet. She finds Juri and taunts her with the locket, saying that if Juri would have told her about it, she would've given her a better picture. She then proceeds to draw Juri's "spirit sword". As the duel commences, Utena once again notices the undeniable similarities between Shiori's sword technique and Juri's. Despite having Juri's skills, Shiori is defeated. However, after the duel we have an interesting situation. Although all the other black rose duelists have no recollection whatsoever of their experience, it almost seems that Shiori remembers Juri's true feelings for her. This is extremely evident in later episodes. Well, whether you think she remembers or not is up to you, it's just a thought I had.

I have mixed feelings on Shiori. At times I can sympathize with her. We have all had times when we've felt inadequate compared to our friends. Shiori just wants a chance to shine. However, she is very cruel to Juri in later episodes. There were times when I was almost to the point of hating this girl. However, she is just another misguided teen, who can't express her feelings. Still, she really can be mean when she wants to be. Also, another reason that she began annoying me, is that she was hanging all over Ruka in the Ohtori Akio saga, but Ruka made sure she got what she deserved mwa ha haaaaa! Sorry to get off the subject, but once I mention Ruka it's hard not to stop. Overall, Shiori isn't all bad, but she can really get on my nerves!

"This is the real me! And not the underdog that was living a miserable life in the shadow of the bright, shining Juri! The real me surpasses the light. Yes, this is the me that controls Juri."