Tsuwabuki Mitsuru
Grade: 4
Date of Birth: 7/10
Blood Type: O

"Well, actually, it's about Nanami-san. She's very pretty, trustworthy, and I've admired her for a long, long time. Even though she was using me a bit like a servant, just being with her was happiness. But...but...
"Deeper...go deeper..."
"It's just that...Somehow I'm not satisfied by only being near Nanami-san. Then my friend Mari starts sticking her nose in here and there, adn they both look down on me. She laughs at me, the child. I want to become a man! I want to become a man and wreck the world! I want to...I want to...I want to wreck the world!"

Mitsuru acts as Nanami's faithful "servant". He always watches out for her, keeping track of all her appointments and whatnot. However, Mitsuru begins to become frustrated that he is not older. He wants to become a man so that he can be a part of the adult world. His friend Mari constantly makes fun of him, saying that he's just a child and doesn't know all that much. She is very annoyed by the fact that Mitsuru serves Nanami, knowing that she's just using him. Well, one day Mitsuru runs to find Nanami in order to give her the lunch he made for her. He finds her speaking with Mikage. He invites her to take part in the black rose seminar, and also extends the invitation to Mitsuru. However, Nanami tells Mikage not to bother since he is only a child. Mitsuru goes to the library desperately trying to find a book that would tell him how to become a man. He sees Utena and Anthy, and asks Utena if she knows how to become an adult. Utena considers the question for a little while, and tells him that she thinks it's a matter of gathering experiences. The more experiences you gather, the more you will grow up. Mitsuru then goes to the AV room and watches different clips of kissing scenes from movies. Mari comes in and of course has to tease him, saying that someone who's had one real kiss, is more of a grown up than someone who just watches kissing scenes. So, Mitsuru figures, why not get a real kiss now? He puckers up and Mari, outraged by his lack of subtlety, slaps him accross the face and leaves. Nanami, meanwhile, walks by the AV room as Mari runs out, and then sees Mitsuru come out rubbing his face where he was slapped. She later confronts him asking if he has feelings for Mari. In an unusual flash of annoyance, Mitsuru asks: "And what if I do?". He tells Nanami how much he wants to become a man. Nanami, actually being very sweet for once, tells him that there is no need to do that, she likes him the way he is. However, Mitsuru goes to Nemuro hall for his interview, and is given his signet.

He invites Nanami to the AV room where he draws Nanami's spirit swords. Yes, Mitsuru not only draws Nanami's sword, but also the dagger that she pulled on Utena after she had already lost the duel. Mitsuru is really out for blood when he duels. Before Utena even draws the sword of Dios from Anthy, he lunges at her with his sword. "You seem to have forgotten this is a place for duelling. Our fight has already begun." Despite his aggressive fighting, Utena still defeats him, and Mitsuru falls to the ground unconscious. The next day he's back to normal serving Nanami as he always does. Poor Tsuwabuki-kun! =(