My, my doesn't he look bored?

Uh-oh...he's got some devious plan in mind...

Aaaaaw...Mikage-kun's so sad... =(

Uh...Mikage-kun...? M-Mikage-kun...Why...are you...looking at that...? 0.0


Mikage-kun, is a tear really that interesting? Pay attention to me! I'm much more interesting than that stupid tear!

That's better! =)

There you go, looking so cute again! =)

Hard at work, as always!

After a hard day's work, it's always nice to sit back and relax with a nice, cold drink!


AAAGHHH!!! She hit him! How dare she hit him!!!! Utena I'll kick your @$$!!!!! >=(

That's right Mikage-kun! You take that sword, and you kick the crap out of Utena!

There you go with that tear again!

Nani? Did you hear something?

What else can I say, except CUTE!

And he even looks adoreable in glasses!

Don't hate him because he's beautiful! =)

0.o Mikage-kun, you even look good when you're being evil!

If I see you when I die, bring it on!!!

Nap time!

A bit perplexed?

HEY!!! WHO DID THAT??? Whoever did that will have HELL to pay!

Alright! Kick Utena's butt!!! :::waves Mikage flag in the air::: Go Mikage-kun!!!

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Oooo a nice black and white sketch of Mikage-kun!

0.0 Manga Mikage!!! :::sigh:::

Wow, he looks so serious...