Hello, and welcome at last to the newly revamped Crypt of the Black Roses. I know this site has been in a coma for about the past year or so, and I apologize. I've gotten so busy with school and running my other website that my poor lil Crypt was forgotten. But now I've moved to a new and better server and things will be all better! Weee!!! ^-^ I have also decided to discontinue my fanclub. I've gotten terribly behind with all the entries, and it's just too much of a hassle. The other reason I am stopping it is because there is another Mikage fanclub which is FAR better than mine! Check out the links page to go see! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy yourselves! Not everything is back up yet, but I'll try my best to finish everything soon. A warning: My site contains MASSIVE SPOILERS all over the place! If you don't want to ruin the black rose saga of Utena, then I'd suggest turning your butt around and leaving ^-^

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