Kaoru Kozue
Grade: 7
Date of Birth: 5/28
Blood Type: O

"Miki is my twin brother. Ever since we were very little, he has treated me very fondly. But lately, even though he pretends there's nothing wrong, if something happens to sully me, he acts outwardly as if everything's okay. But in his heart, he's hurt, and he obsesses over me. That's why I purposely go out with people that I know Miki would hate. But...
"Deeper...go deeper..."
"But, Miki's attention is gradually turning towards that other girl. It's turning away from me."

Kozue is Miki's twin sister. She seems very snobbish and uh...how should I say this....slutty (Sorry it's the only word I can think of). She is known for her many flings, which really annoys Miki. Although she may seem like a total snob, Kozue has a nice side to her. She truly cares for Miki, even though she has strange ways of showing it. Some people thinks she's a total b*@#!, but I personally think that she's just a confused teenager who doesn't know how to properly express her feelings. Since she cares about her brother so much, she gets very jealous when other girls get close to him (not to the point of being like Nanami). Therefore, she develops a hatred of Anthy (surprise, surprise. Gosh Anthy really knows how to make enemies). She sees how much Miki cares for Anthy, and can't stand the fact that Miki is paying more attention to her than his own sister. She goes to an interview at Nemuro hall, and is approved as a duelist. Only this time, things are a bit different than when Kanae dueled. Kozue finds Miki playing the piano, and reveals to him, the black rose that now adorns her chest. She then proceeds to draw Miki's "spirit sword" out of his chest. Miki falls to the ground, unconscious. With the sword, Kozue acquires Miki's fencing skills and techniques for the duel. While dueling, Utena even notices that Kozue's stance is exactly like Miki's. Once again Utena defeats the challenger, and Kozue falls to the ground. Yet another failure, but Mikage is not concerned with it. Afterall, there are other student council members.