Sonoda Keiko
Grade: 7
Date of Birth: 10/6
Blood Type: A

"I admired Nanami-sama from the bottom of my heart. That's what I believed, and I've been serving her. But actually, that wasn't true. I was only with Nanami-sama to get close to Touga-sama, even the littlest bit. Without that reason, who'd want to be with her?
"Deeper...go deeper..."
"That selfish...I'm a single girl! What's wrong with me falling in love with someone? Why do I have to hold back because of her? Just because she's Touga-sama's little sister, she monopolizes his love. Even right before my own eyes! And that girl had no I felt all this time! She doesn't even try to understand!"

This episode is an interesting change with Utena. One of Nanami's lackies, is actually portrayed as a real human being with feelings. Keiko is the brown haired girl with pig tails. She has always seemed to be the dominant of Nanami's three servants. We learn that Keiko doesn't really serve Nanami out of loyalty. In actuality she uses that as an excuse to be near Touga, whom she has deep feelings for.

Touga has been in deep depression ever since he was defeated by Utena. He doesn't show his face at the academy or in the student council. He just stays locked in his room. Nanami is very concerned for him (of course), so she decides to throw a party to help cheer him up. She has her three servants invite nearly the entire academy. Keiko, takes a lot of time to decide what to wear. She's so excited, because it'll be the first time she's seen Touga in awhile. However, she is depressed because she know's he won't be looking at a girl like her. She, Aiko, and Yuuko work hard to prepare everything on time. Just before the party begins, Nanami asks Keiko to finish some paperwork for the student council that she forgot to do. Keiko reluctantly agrees, and goes to the archives to complete the work. Some time after (it's not specified how long), Keiko is walking outside in the rain. She looks up to see that Touga is walking around outside as well, but has no umbrella. She works up the courage and asks him to join her, so that he can share her umbrella. They walk together, and Keiko is so happy, however this happiness is shortlived. Unfortunately, Nanami is out in the rain too, and sees the two together. Needless to say, she gets really miffed. The next day, Nanami calls Keiko to meet with her. She tells her that she is dismissed from all clubs and organizations that she participates in. Keiko is dumbfounded and asks why. Nanami is enraged telling her not to play dumb, and that she will exterminate all those who hang over her brother. Nanami leaves, and Keiko is devastated. She sees Aiko and Yuuko going to join Nanami. She runs to them, begging them to intercede with Nanami on her behalf. They both look at eachother, pretend to not hear Keiko, and walk away. Poor Keiko falls to her knees crying. As a solution, she goes to Nemuro hall.

Utena enters the duel arena and is shocked to see one of Nanami's servants has challenged her. She doesn't even know her name. They duel, all the while Keiko screams how she will kill Nanami so that she and Touga can be together. Utena defeats her (surprise, surprise), and Keiko falls unconscious.

Afterwards, Keiko is back with Nanami, Aiko, and Yuuko. She tells Nanami that a girl like her could never possibly fall in love with Touga. Nanami accepts this, and tells her to always stay with her. Some of you might say, how could she possibly go back to Nanami after the way she treated her? Well, in the words of Anthy, you'll do anything to be with the one you love.