Ohtori Kanae
Grade: 12
Date of Birth: 4/2
Blood type: AB

"As soon as I graduate next spring, I will be getting married. He is someone that my father, the trustee chairman, recommended. He...he's very gentle, and can be a little childish but...In fact, he's so much more mature than I am, and he watches over me ever so kindly. I would do anything for him. I believe this from the bottom of my heart. But...but..."
Mikage: "Deeper...go deeper..."
"But...but, he has a younger sister, and no matter how hard I try, I can't bring myself to like her. There was this incident...When I gave her my cherished scarf and told her to use it, she said 'Thank you', and began wiping her glasses with it! I was so surprised, and when I told her that it wasn't a lens cloth, she simply stared at me silently and smiled. The sight of her eyes made my skin crawl because she looked totally like an alien! And my father...I can't help but fell that my father's illness started when that freak came to our house. I'm not sure if I can keep smiling around her any longer. Up until now I've done my best to like her. But I just can't! Now how hard I try...I CAN'T!"
Mikage: "I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world. The way before you has been prepared."
"Where am I?"
Mikage: "This is a holy land, a sacred place where a hundred duelists are sleeping. This room leads to the ends of the world. Take a look. This rose signet...See, it's black. When it's bearer dies it changes color like this. But I think black is more beautiful."
Mamiya: "You can't run away now. Because you have been chosen by my black rose. This is your new heart, and your new life. Here's one of the roses blooming at the ends of the world... For you!"

Kanae is a senior at Ohtori Academy. She is engaged to Akio, whom if you don't know is Anthy's brother and trustee chairman of the academy. Kanae isn't a very important character in the series. She makes only a few appearances and isn't a very essential character. But nevertheless, she is a black rose duelist, so that's why I'm including her. She is a very quiet and sophisticated woman, but isn't very outgoing. She truly cares about Akio and looks forward to the day that they will be married. However, there's just one problem with her marriage to Akio. She hates Anthy. Okay, hate is maybe too strong of a word. I'll just say that Anthy totally freaks her out. Kanae finds Anthy's empty smile frightening and can't tolerate her presence for much longer, even though she is always friendly with Anthy on the outside. This leads her to seek an interview at Nemuro Hall. She enters the confession elevator and pours out her troubles (seen above). Mikage sees promise in her as a duelist and gives her the black signet. She leaves a card in Utena's locker, challenging her to a duel. Utena defeats her fairly easily and quickly. Kanae's black signet disintegrates along with her sword, and she falls to the ground, filling the red outline of one of the fallen duelists. Kanae is not seen again until the Ohtori Akio saga.

"This is my true self, the other me which slumbered within. As long as I have this black rose, I don't have to play the false me anymore!"