Groups and Pairs

I LOVE this picture!


* Just sitting around looking pretty.

* Tsuwabuki-kun, you're so cute, I just wanna pinch your cheek!


I want to suck your blood!

Come on...I promise I won't peek!!!

Mamiya-kun? Have you been using strawberry shampoo? It really smells good!

My, aren't you two looking evil today...

* Alright, break it up!

Why won't you listen to me?! I said break it up!!!

Yeah beat the crap out of her Mikage-kun!!!

My ring is better than yours! HA HA HAAAA!!!!

The following images were donated by Kylnarachan. Thanks so much for your donations!!! =)

Manga Mikage and Mamiya

VERY nice black and white sketch of the duo =)

Oh, flowers? Aaaw you shouldn't have!